3050 K. ST. N.W.



Mo-Fr 11:30am - 10pm

Sa-Su 11am - 10pm

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Nick’s is a family restaurant in the truest sense of the word. Established in 1992, Nicholas, his cousin, father and brother began operating this renovated establishment. One of them is there at all times.

Ask for them when you come in!

Nick Cibel

Nick’s is a fun casual restaurant where all are welcome. This comes from Nicholas, hence the name on the door! Nick was born and raised in the Washington area. He has been working in the business since he was 12 years old. His attention to detail, gregarious personality and fun loving spirit make people want to be around him!

Tony Cibel

The patriarch of the family, knows everyone in DC. Tony has dined with presidents, traveled with movie stars, and knows just about everyone that’s anyone in DC, yet is down to earth and very charming. His love for his restaurants carry over to the rest of his family, who carry on his passion for stellar service and excellent food!

Greg Casten

Greg is the nephew of Tony Cibel. Greg arrived from Boston in 1987. The former president of Washington’s RAMW association, Greg’s strength lies in the back of the house execution. Greg also is a partner in ProFish Limited, a seafood company that supplies fresh seafood to the metro area and beyond.

Dean Cibel

Dean is the youngest of Tony’s sons, Dean is constantly at the harbour at either Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place or at Nicks Riverside Grill. Dean is a devoted father himself, loves people and is fun to be around!